Black Bear Nation Displays Strong Dedication in Black Bears Loss to Knights

The Maryland Black Bears lost to the WBS Knights 8-1 Friday night. The Black Bears came to Wilkes-Barre hoping to spoil the Knights’ playoff aspirations, but were unable to fulfill the role. The Knights were efficient and utilized their scoring opportunities well, while the Black Bears seemed out of rhythm for the majority of the game.

In the first period, the Knights scored within 2 minutes of the puck being dropped. Minutes later they followed with another strike to open a two-goal lead. Luke Posner, Forward for the Maryland Black Bears, stopped the bleeding temporarily with a goal with assists from Lukas Ljungblom and Sean Henry.

After the first period, the game went consistently south for the Black Bears. The Knights ended the game with 6 unanswered goals.

The major highlight for the Maryland Black Bears came off the ice. Their passionate fan base, also known as Black Bear Nation, made their presence felt during tonight’s away game. Black Bear Nation vastly outnumbered the opposing fan base and even though the disappointing outcome, the fans were loud throughout the game. The support and dedication displayed tonight was impressive.

The Maryland Black Bears aim to bounce back and finish the season strong tomorrow in the final game of the 2018-2019 regular season at 3:30 PM in the Revolution Ice Centre.

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