Black Bears Announce 2020 Main Camp Schedule

The Maryland Black Bears 2020 Main Camp will be held at Piney Orchard Ice Arena from August 12-16.  Due to COVID 19 restrictions, we are unable to have any fans or families watch from inside.  We’ll be posting updates throughout Camp to keep you informed and excited about the upcoming season. Look for information and highlights including interviews with some of your favorite players on all MBB social media platforms.

Maryland Black Bears Main Camp 2020 Schedule


8-12-20 (Wed)

* 8:00am-8:30am (GOALIE Registration Only)

9:00am-10:15am (Goalie skate 1)

10:250am-11:40am (Goalies skate 2)

5:00pm-6:15pm (Goalies skate 3)

6:25pm-7:40pm (Goalies skate 4)

8-13-20 (Thu)

8:00am-9:15am (Goalies skate 5)

9:25am-10:40am (Goalies skate 6)

* 11:15am-11:45am (SKATER Registration)

11:00am-12:15pm (Game 1)

12:25pm-1:40pm (Game 2)

1:50pm-3:05pm (Game 3)

3:15pm-4:30pm (Game 4)

4:40pm-5:55pm (Game 5)

6:05pm-7:20pm (Game 6)

7:30pm-8:45pm (Game 7)

9:05pm-10:20pm (Game 8)

8-14-20 (Fri)

8:00am-9:15pm (Game 9)

9:25am-10:40am (Game 10)

10:50am-12:05pm (Game 11)

12:15pm-1:30pm (Game 12)

1:15pm-2:30pm (Game 13)

2:40pm-3:55pm (Game 14)

4:05pm-5:20pm (Game 15)

5:30pm-6:45pm (Game 16)

6:55pm-8:10pm (Game 17)

8:20pm-9:35pm (Game 18)

8-15-20 (Sat)

7:00am-8:15am (Game 19)

8:25am-9:40am (Game 20)

9:50am-11:05pm (Game 21)

11:15pm-12:30pm (Game 22)

12:40pm-1:55pm (Game 23)

2:05pm-3:20pm (Game 24)

7:30pm-8:45pm (All-Star Game 1)

8-16-20 (Sun)

10:00am-11:20am (Future All-Stars)

12:00pm-1:20pm (All-Star Game2)

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