Main Camp All Star Game Rules and Info

Main Camp All-Star Game Rules and Info

Face Masks:

  1. Players must enter the building wearing a face mask covering the mouth and nose until they are on the ice
  2. Once off the ice, masks must immediately be put back on


On the Ice:

  1. No Spitting
  2. No Fighting
  3. No Handshakes or High Fives
  4. Please keep socially distant from others



  1. Saturday
    1. Team 1 will be getting dressed in the far corner of the rink, under the Bud Light Ice Zone sign
    2. Team 2 will get dressed in the lobby by the Main Entrance
  2. Sunday
    1. Players will not be allowed to get dressed inside the building, they can either come dressed or get dressed outside


Exiting the Arena:

  1. After the completion of your game, all players will have 10 minutes to exit the rink 
  2. Please exit the facility via the marked exit



  • The first All-Star game will be at 7pm tonight, Saturday, August 15. You may show up no earlier than 6:45
  • The Future Stars Game will be Sunday, August 16th at 10am
  • The Second All-Star Game will be Sunday at 12pm
  • Rosters will be featured on the MBB website, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook
  • The Game will consist of:
    • A 5 minute warm-up
    • 3, 20 minute periods with zamboni cuts in-between
    • Penalties will be served by players in the penalty box, as opposed to the breakaway rule that has been in place for the duration of camp
    • If the game results in a tie, there will be a 5 minute overtime period that will be 3v3

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