Player Profile: Thomas Jarman

Thomas Jarman has begun his third season with the Maryland Black Bears with overtime heroics, scoring the game winning goal in Maryland’s first win of the season just a few weeks ago. Jarman entered the season playing 85 games, the most by any defenseman with the Black Bears in franchise history.

When asked about using his veteran status to his advantage, Jarman says he plans to help the younger players adjust to not only the Black Bears’ schemes, but what to expect from other teams too. “I think I know what most guys are doing and what other guys will come at us with,” Jarman said.

Jarman has been living with new Black Bear defenseman Cam Gaudette, whom the team acquired from the Northeast Generals in a trade before the season began. With Jarman being the defensive defenseman and Gaudette playing as an offensive defenseman, Jarman believes the two are developing good chemistry with their different styles of play. “I like living with him and playing with him as well,” Jarman said, “he does more of the offensive things and I play more of the defensive side.”


Thomas Jarman revealed himself to be a dog person, having dogs at his billet home named Toots and Cosmo (wiener dogs) and Chester (lab). Jarman also has a bulldog named Moots back at his home just outside Pittsburgh. Aside from playing with dogs, Jarman enjoys playing video games with Cam and enjoying the home’s hot tub.

 Jarman and the Black Bears hit the road this weekend as they look to avenge last week’s loses to the Danbury Jr Hat Tricks. The games can be viewed on HockeyTV.

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